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Help painting

Post by Bender »

I want to know if it is better to paint the whole tank before assembly or assembly some parts (ie wheels , track ) to see if it works properly then disassemble ( if possible?) , paint and reassemble ? Thanks for your help...

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Re: Help painting

Post by 50koruny »

Sorry for the very, very late reply.
I hadn't noticed this topic.

I don't know if it will help anymore but still...

I've built a lot of these models and still prefer to paint some parts separately.
Especially small details, wheel rims and stuff like that.

So for myself i say i prefer to do it separately.
Some advanced modelers who have been doing this for decades can certainly do it in one piece but it's safer and easier to do it in parts.

By the way - all important (and all mechanical) parts like wheels or cannon can be uninstalled at any time so it won't be a problem to put them back even if they have already been installed before painting.

Sorry again for the late reply.
I have to set up email notifications or something like that.

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