602zz and mr72zz bearings

All about non-printed parts for tanks.
Screws, nuts, bearings, springs etc.
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602zz and mr72zz bearings are widely used on all 1/16 releases.

These small bearings can be hard to find and they can be expensive.
I will prepare 3D printed versions for ALL bearings very soon.
Some of you want to print static model, or just to make this build cheaper.

We recommend it anyway - use some bearings, especially for the wheels.

You can use 602zz (2x7x3,5mm) or mr72zz (2x7x3mm) bearings.
Mr72zz are cheaper and have better availability.

Here is excellent source of high quality bearings in Germany, for the whole EU.Great ballance of quality and price.
They have EBAY too:

There is a lot of cheap bearings available on Aliexpress or ebay, of course.

I will add another sources later.
Add your own source of this specific bearings to this thread, please.

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