Hetzer 1/6 - upper hull removal/inside view

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Removing MG34 and upper hull.
MG34 is attached on 3x3mm magnets.
Great, when you need to transport your tank with the car.

if you dont use glue on the 623zz bearing in the cannon (Assembly guide, page 70),
you can remove cannon very fast - for the easier transportation.

Inside of the vehicle, you can see early testing configuration for the 1/6 Hetzer.
There is Elmod PRO, MG995 servos, JGB37-550 motors.Most important things.

As you can see, sound speaker is fancy and not really usable for the 1/6 scale.
It was equipped only for testing.
With this size of vehicle, you can use really big sound speakers, battery and other stuff.

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